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Free Samsung Galaxy S9 App Screen Mockup


UX Challenge

Anonycare is another UX challenge I took from the website.

The app provides a solution for people who are going through difficult times and crises and need a safe place to share and consult about their problems.

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Sometimes strangers who have gone through similar situations can give the best advice when we’re going through rough times in our lives. How can you design an environment where people who are seeking help feel safe to connect and support each other?


A social network where the user can share how he feels and consult with people who are going through similar situations in different problem-adapted support groups. In addition, the user can post anonymously which gives him confidence to share all his issues without being exposed.




Discover people who have gone through similar situations



Tell the community how do you feel, don't worry - you can do it anonymously



Join groups that focus on specific issues and consult with experts


Message Center

Talk to anyone you like.

you can also choose to talk with random anonymous user

Chat – 1@2x.jpg

Private Messages

Discreet chat with people who can identify with similar situations and want to help

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