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Study Case

​Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. The company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. There's a lot of professional experts that offer their services. Despite their success, Fiverr's website remains behind with an old fashioned design and messy user experience.

Here's Fiverr home page screenshot:

old fiverr.PNG


When connecting to Fiverr website, there is no separation between the two types of users (Buyer & Seller) and it is easy to get lost between the countless services offered on the site.

This is how I think it should look like:


The user immidiatly has to choose if he is buyer or seller. The login page need to guide the user through two diffrent timelines: 

1. Buyer - Post a request -> Recruit a freelancer

2. Seller - Build a seller profile -> Get Hired


The user can explore the site and understand how it works before registering, but the main call-to-action should be clear. To buyer and seller.

The Dashboard

While reviewing the website I identified an opportunity to improve the project management experience on the buyer side. I added a section which manage the tasks for each request and I organized the dashboard to a new simpler look.

Post a Request – 1.jpg

*Notice that every task has a progress bar and how much time left according to the request time-line.


Here are couple of pages I designed for this study case. I used Adobe XD for this project.

Post a Request@2x.jpg
Post a Request – 1@2x.jpg
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