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Mobile App

An application and web search engine for academic studies, courses and certifications according to user interests, location and budget.  Users can rate, review and compare the courses and send a request to enroll their chosen course.

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Grademy is my final project in an UX/UI Design course I took in 2019 at Mentor Design College.

It's a solution for people who don't know what or where they should learn and worst yet are uninformed regarding their options. While working on this project I learned a lot about user experience and especially about designing for various resolutions and aspect-ratios. Have fun exploring my work.

The Product

The demo video shows few screens of the mobile application.
after the user logs in to the app, he's asked to choose his interest subjects. The application is searching for study programs according to user interests  location in order to generate a personalized feed-page of all his study options.

The user can filter the subjects, location, type of certification and budget and get targeted results.


In the course page you can watch a promotional video of the course, get details: how long the course, how much it costs, description, other users reviews and finally enroll to the course.


• People have a hard time choosing what to study.

• Young people do not know which profession is suitable for their interests.

• It is very difficult to compare study programs and similar courses.

• People find it difficult to get objective advice in the profession in which they are interested.


• Search engine for degrees/courses.

• Courses Comparison.

• Ratings and reviews of actual students.

• Tailoring the study program to the user.

• Social network for counseling and guidance.


User Persona

In order to understand my potential users problems and needs, I described two personas that might use the product.

Girl Time

Jenny Moore

"The Discharged Soldier"

22 years old, Single, Lives in Tel-Aviv.

Michal is a discharged soldier who returned about six months ago from the big trip in south America, and now lives with her parents and works as a waitress. Michal is thinking of enrolling in physiotherapy studies but does not know if she will succeed or be accepted. In addition, it is difficult to choose between the various programs.

"The searching for the courses online just confused me more... "


• Get recommendations for a suitable curriculum for her.

• To be accepted for studies.

• Get a good price.

• Study hours that make it possible to combine work with shifts. 

man 4

David Stone

"The Careerist"

32 years old, Married, Lives in London

David has been working at the bank for about 5 years and is considering pursuing a master's degree in order to advance in his workplace and increase his income. David has a bachelor's degree in economics and doesn't know whether to pursue this field or to go for a profession conversion.

"...It might be a good opportunity
to change profession"


• Receive offers and options for graduate studies or retraining.

• Find courses that allows him to combine work at day-time.

• Get a good offer and sign up.


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Choose your interests topics

Choose interests and let Grademy help you find courses just for you.

Browse & Compare

Browse and compare over 10,000 courses all over the world and web.

Quick Booking

Get all the information you need and Book the most suitable course for you.

Advance Search options

Choose all the parameters you looking for in one place and let Grademy find the most suitable courses for your needs.

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