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Mobile App

An application for electric-scooter riders. 

The app locates all the scooters for rent and finds the shortest and safest travel route.

The app summarizes the route and shows how long the trip will be, what is the total distance from the destination, how long it will take to walk to the scooter and how much it will cost to ride it.

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• There is alot of companys that rent electric-scooters and for each one of them diffrent app.

•  To find the nearest scooter the user needs to open several apps and sign up for each one.

• It is difficult to plan a route that includes renting a scooter and estimating the price of the ride.


• Search all the different rental-scooters in one app.

• Locate all scooters within a mile from the user's location.

• Build a route according to the user's search preferences while estimating time, distance and price.



Locate all scooters

Locate all scooters within a mile from the user's location.


Choose your destination

And filter between your favorites rental-scooter brands.

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Build the best route

Prepare the shortest, most convenient and safest route.

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Scan & Ride

Scan the scooter's QR code, Unlock it and Hit the road.

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